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How To Become A Pokémon Distributor

How To Become A Pokémon Distributor
Dustin Otterspoor

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Are you interested in becoming a Pokémon distributor? The process may seem difficult so let’s look at some details. There are many different ways to obtain and sell Pokémon cards, some of which you may already be familiar with. You can find a company that deals with wholesale Pokémon cards and sell those. Or you can buy packs of Pokémon cards and sell each card individually. We will talk about some of these details and more below.

What is a Pokémon distributor?

According to the Pokémon Company, a distributor is the selling of the cards directly to a customer, either through an online store or a physical retail outlet. There is a huge difference between wholesale companies and store retail outlets. If you want to do wholesale retail you need to buy cards in bulk. You may want to purchase them in bulk and open them up for singles, so you can sell those at a profit, or just sell sealed products.

How can I become a Pokémon vendor or retailer?

First, you need to find a company that exclusively deals with wholesale Pokémon cards. GTS is the largest and most accreditable distributor in the United States. The Pokémon Company also requires wholesalers to only sell to you if you meet the following requirements:

  • You run a legitimate business
  • You have a reseller license (if you are in the United States)
  • You meet the minimum order quantities that they require (sometimes as much as $500k)

Unlike other card companies, the Pokémon Company has fewer restrictions on card selling. For example, Wizards of the Coast requires that you hold regular MTG tournaments if you wanted to buy their cards at wholesale. The Pokémon Company does not require this, however, if you were to hold tournaments, it can change your wholesale prices and access to products.

Once you have all of your requirements in order, you can get in touch with a distributor. If you are not a legitimate business, no distributor will work with you. If they are willing to work with you, they most likely are not a legitimate distributor.

Who is the distributor for Pokémon?

GTS Distribution and Mad Al Distribution are the two biggest distributors in the United States. Every country has certain distributors that will work with their country, so be sure to check and see which ones are for your country.

Can I buy Pokémon cards directly from the manufacturer?

Yes, in the United States and Canada you can purchase Pokémon cards directly from the manufacturer at the websites:

There you can find Pokémon products listed for sale in America and Canada.

How do I get a GTS distribution account?

Retailers and distributors wishing to open an account with GTS Distribution must e-mail or fax a fully completed and signed Account Application (available on www.GTSDistribution.com). You will also need to send together with copies of current, valid resale certificates and sales tax documents for each applicable state to 425-513-9338.

You can visit https://support.pokemon.com and look at their wholesale distributors page. They will list each distributor for each country they deal with, as well as their location and contact information. You can then go to their website and look at all of the Pokémon products they sell and what they will charge you for them.

How much do Pokémon booster boxes cost wholesale?

Amazingly, Pokémon booster boxes are not that much more ‘discounted’ than you would think when buying wholesale. The average price you can expect to pay will be from $80 to $90, whereas your retail price will be around $130.

If you can’t get a distributor account, how can you buy Pokémon cards wholesale?

If you can’t get an account you really won’t be able to get cards at a wholesale price. You can possibly find companies to buy off of where the price is a little lower than MSRP. But the risk of making a profit is very thin doing that. It is very possible that you can find websites that would sell to you so that you can still make a profit. But there is still a high risk with that as well. Your best bet would be to still try and get your distributor account or find out why you could not.

How do you start your own Pokémon business?

First, you would need to obtain all of the business licensing that you would need for your area. Then, you would need to open a storefront, a booth at a local community market, or create your own website or YouTube account. You would then need to research the most trending Pokémon products, what packs people are wanting the most, or what Pokémon is currently trending. Then, sell the products that people want. It would also help you to create a niche Pokémon item to sell for your business.

Can you make money selling Pokémon?

Yes, if you are buying your Pokémon items from a licensed source and buying for less than you are selling for, you will make a profit. You also need to make sure that your clients are satisfied and leave good reviews, thus generating more clientele for you.

Are Pokémon cards profitable?

Depending on the Pokémon card, it can be profitable to sell them. The most sought-after cards are the early-era cards, as well as some of the misprinted cards. The card rarity and price honestly depend on so many different factors, but generally, people love Pokémon and are willing to buy them if they are actually licensed Pokémon cards.

Do Pokémon cards sell on eBay?

Yes, eBay is one of the best places to sell Pokémon cards because sellers can choose their own selling price. eBay also lets the seller list their item at a fixed price or as an auction, where buyers can “bid up” the sales price. Buyers can also submit offers if you are willing to budge a little on your price.

eBay is also good because you can look up your cards and see what other collectors are currently listing their cards for, as well as the condition of the card. It is still also important to look up your cards on an official card pricing guide to accurately price each card so you don’t short yourself.

You can also use your clients feedback to draw more customers, as they will know you are a credible seller. With eBay, your first 200 listings each month are free, and your selling fees are around 10% of the final sales price. You can also determine who pays the shipping cost. G

Generally, Pokémon cards do very well on eBay, as it is often the first search result to come up when googling “where to buy Pokémon cards”.


We hope this guide to how to become a Pokémon distributor has been helpful in your journey. Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

Happy hunting!

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