Korean Eevee Heroes Booster Box


Introducing the Pokemon Card Sword & Shield Eevee Heroes Enhanced Expansion Booster Box – your gateway to the captivating world of Pokemon in Korean! Unleash the excitement of 30 meticulously packed booster packs, each containing 5 cards of pure Pokemon magic. This sought-after item, aptly named “Eevee Heroes,” promises a journey into the heart of the Korean Republic, where authenticity meets innovation.

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Korean Eevee Heroes Booster Box On Sale

This Booster Box is not just a collection; it's an experience. Every box is brand new and factory-sealed, ensuring the pristine condition of your treasured cards. The Eevee Heroes Expansion brings the thrill of discovery as you unwrap each pack, unveiling 100% authentic Korean-manufactured Pokemon cards.

Embark on your Pokemon adventure with the confidence of owning a piece of Korea's gaming heritage. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a passionate trainer, the Eevee Heroes Booster Box is your passport to a world of excitement, strategy, and the undeniable charm of Pokemon. Catch 'em all in style with this exclusive Korean edition, where the thrill of the game meets the authenticity you can trust.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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"Card arrived in excellent condition and shipping was faster than expected!"
Pokemon TCG - Paradox Rift - Yveltal - Special Illustration Rare - 205/182
Card was well packaged during shipping and arrived mint/near mint condition. Happy with purchase; A+ seller
ONE PIECE Charlotte Pudding Alt Art ENGLISH OP03-112 NM Pillars Of Strength
5 stars! Great service and fast shipping, very reliable, thanks
Received the card before delivery expected date. Card was packaged beautifully. Probably the best packaging to date from an eBay card order. And I've been buying cards from eBay for years. Package also included an extra promo card.

Pokemon Card Charizard No.006 Japanese Neo Premium File 2 Promo Reverse Holo (#404338308178)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Korean Eevee Heroes set?

The “Eevee Heroes” set is a special expansion set for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) that was released in Japan. It is part of the Sword & Shield series of Pokémon TCG sets. However, please note that my information might be outdated, and there may have been new releases or developments in the Pokémon TCG since then.

Eevee Heroes is notable for featuring various Eevee evolutions, known as “Eeveelutions,” as well as different artworks and card designs highlighting these popular Pokémon. The set often includes a mix of regular Pokémon cards, holographic cards, and other special alternate art variants.

How many booster packs are in a box of Korean Eevee Heroes?

A booster box of Pokémon TCG’s Eevee Heroes contains 30 booster packs. Each booster pack has 5 cards per pack.

How many cards are in the Korean Eevee Heroes set?

the Eevee Heroes set for the Pokémon Trading Card Game has 69 total cards to collect and typically includes various cards featuring Eevee and its evolutions, commonly known as Eeveelutions.