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Best Pokémon Card Binders for 2022

Best Pokemon Card Binders

Pokémon Trading Card Binder Guide

Whether you have just opened your first pack, or have hundreds of cards to sort through, you are going to need a card binder to help keep yourself organized, and your cards safe.

Keeping your trading cards stored properly and protected is one of the best ways to ensure you can enjoy your cards for years to come. It also helps keep your cards in their original condition in case you decide you want to grade or certify any of your cards in the future.



What Are Trading Card Binders?

Trading card binders are binders that usually have 9-pocket plastic sleeves to keep trading cards safe, and to help display a collection. Trading card binders are also the easiest way to keep your cards safe. No matter what your experience or memories are with Pokémon cards, you are most likely like us and simply want to display your cards in a protective binder that is also easy to use and is not going to break any kind of budget.

It is incredible to think about how popular Pokémon cards have become these recent years. With some older cards and 1st editions being sold for thousands, many are taking another trip to their parent’s house to dig up old cards to see if they are sitting on a goldmine that needs protecting.

You may also be buying the latest booster packs and extensions and need a way to organize, store, and protect your cards to be able to enjoy them for years to come.

What Does A Pokémon Card Binder Do?

High-quality pokemon card binders help keep your cards safe, protected, and out of harm’s way. Many binders are water-resistant, have padding, and have moved away from the old-school three-ring binder design.

You may remember the plastic three-ring binders from years ago that you could add plastic card sleeves to that usually held 9 cards. The problem with these binders is that they often cause cards to bend when the binder gets too full, ruining your cards.

Traditional plastic sleeves also allow moisture, dust, and anything else unlucky enough to fall on top of the opening each page has. This is why it is important to always sleeve your card before you add it to a binder, and try to look for side-loaded binders so that your cards have 360-degree protection from the outside world.

The Best Pokémon Card Binders for 2022

Explore the best Pokémon card binders for a variety of needs below to find your perfect match.


Vault X 9 Pocket Strap Pokemon Card Binder

Best Binder for Pokemon Cards

9 pocket per page high-quality trading card binder. 20 pages holding 360 cards. Made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material. 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase.

About This Trading Card Binder

Vault X is a relatively new player in the game of Pokémon card binders, but they are already making a huge impact. After seeing their binders in some YouTube videos, we decided to give the binder a try and ordered three colors – Black, White, and Blue.

The binders are flexible enough to easily handle but have a nice thick plastic cover that is held in place by a protective strap.

The best feature of the Vault X card binder is the premium pockets – loading cards without a sleeve is effortless and sleeved cards are even easier to put in. Once the pockets are full, the cards don’t move much and are easy to remove again if you need to reorder something.

Binder Details:

  • Total Cards: 20 pages holding 360 cards
  • Cards Per Page: 9 pockets per page, double-sided pages
  • Card Load: sideloaded pockets
  • Protection: Padded layer on each page, elastic band fastener
  • Color Options: 6 choices – Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
  • Binder Dimensions: 30.5cm x 24.5cm
  • Inner Pocket Size: 6.8cm x 9.7cm

Why Choose Vault X?

The strap binder collection by Vault X is a great value and provides a premium binder that looks and feels great. You can also use this binder for pretty much any card game, not just Pokémon trading cards.

Each page has 9-pocket pages made from acid-free, archival-safe, non-PVC material to ensure your cards are not damaged if they are stored for multiple years or even decades.

Because of the sleek, minimalistic design, this Pokémon card binder is a great option for older collectors who like the simple, clean design. Many other binders feature Pokémon designs, and look somewhat “childish”, which is where Vault X stands apart. You can also collect a binder in each color for different sets of cards to help visually organize your collections.

Note From Vault X:

“We currently only ship to the United Kingdom from our website, but don’t worry! You can also order our products from Amazon Marketplaces around the world.

Ultra Pro Pokemon Trading Card Binder

Best pokemon binder with sleeves

This Pokémon card binder comes from the classic Ultra Pro brand of binders and comes with 25 9-pocket pages for your cards.

About This Trading Card Binder

Aimed at a younger audience, this binder is perfect for new collectors who want to keep their cards safe or save some money by getting a binder and sleeves together in a bundle.

The binder itself is sturdy and durable, so it should hold up well over time. If you are looking for a simple Pokémon card binder, you’ve found it with Ultra Pro.

Binder Details:

  • 2-Inch, 3-Ring Binder
  • Featuring Pikachu Design
  • 25 Platinum-series, Ultra-PRO brand 9-pocket pages included
  • Fits approximately 200 single-loaded pages.
  • Fits any standard, 3-hole pages or paper.

TOTEM Theme Mini Pokemon Card Binder

TOTEM Theme Mini Binder With Sleeves

Best pokemon  Card Album

This single-page Pokémon card album is perfect for showing off your cards one at a time.

About This Trading Card Binder

With one sleeve per page, this album-style binder showcases each card individually, and is perfect for storing your most valuable cards, or cards that you want to look at often and need to transport easily.

Binder Details:

  • 30 Double-Sided 1 Pocket Pages
  • 30 Slots in total
  • 4.15 in X 7.5 in
  • 60 Card Carrying Capacity
  • For Standard Sized Cards
  • Durable and Unique Designed Plastic Cover
  • Made from acid-free materials

Rayvol 9 Pocket Trading Card Binder

Rayvol 9-Pocket Trading Card Zipper Binder

Best pokemon  Zipper Binder

This Pokémon zipper binder is designed to look like a Pokéball for true Pokémon lovers.

About This Trading Card Binder

The outside and inside is super soft and comfortable to carry, and the outside of the binder is water-resistant so if it’s raining, you don’t need to worry.

Each page features archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material to let your cards shine through. Because the binder is so sturdy, it will last for years and can handle being moved around often.

This binder is also able to hold over 1,000 trading cards, which many other binders are not able to do. Grow your card collection with peace of mind by choosing the Rayvol zipper binder.

Binder Details:

  • Fits 720 Cards
  • Includes 40 9-pocket pages custom-designed to fit in cards with sleeves easily
  • Quality zipper locks the binder and keeps cards protected and intact at all times.
  • Water-resistant exterior made of premium PU leather
  • Sturdy D-Shaped Metal Ring design prevents cards from curling while turning pages
  • Made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material.
  • Standard Size for all TCG: Compatible with most standard-sized trading cards with sleeves on

Ultra Pro XY Pokemon Trading Card Binder

Ultra Pro Pokémon X&Y 3-Ring Binder

Best Cheap pokemon  Card Album

There is nothing too unique or special about this standard 3-ring Pokémon card binder – other than it is one of the cheapest options available.

About This Trading Card Binder

Part of why it is so cheap is because it does not come with any sleeves, so those will need to be purchased separately.

Featuring a fun design, this binder is perfect for kids or new collectors who simply want to protect their cards, or store them in a bookcase.

Binder Details:

  • Only $12.99
  • Colors may vary
  • Great way to store your Pokémon cards
  • Storage sheets not included
  • Fits any standard, 3 hole pages or paper

Vault X 4 Pocket Card Binder

Vault X 4 Pocket Trading Card Folder

Best Small & POCKET-SIZED Pokémon card binder

The smaller and more portable Vault X pocket-sized Pokémon card binder still features a padded layer built into each page to help protect cards from scraped, dings, and bending so they stay mint on the go.

About This Trading Card Binder

The binder also features side-loading pockets so they stay secure, and offer 360* protection from dust and other elements. The elastic band on this smaller version also helps keep cards from spilling out or shifting while you’re on the move.

Binder Details:

  • 4 pocket per page high-quality trading card binder
  • 20 pages holding 160 cards
  • Made from archival-safe, acid-free non-PVC material
  • Inner Pocket Size: 2.7in x 3.8in
  • Folder Size: 6.9in x 8.3in
PU Leather Trading Card Binder with Metal Clips

PU Leather Trading Card Binder with Metal Clips

Best leather Pokémon binder

The PU leather binder is a more luxurious choice for collectors.

About This Trading Card Binder

Made for any kind of trading card, this leather Pokémon binder features a durable zipper to keep your cards safe and secure. It measures around 12.8” x 11” making it one of the larger binders on the list.

Binder Details:

  • Made of quality PU leather that is sturdy and durable
  • 360 pockets for cards
  • Binder measures approximately 12.8 x 11 inches
  • Each pack comes with 1 black leather trading card binder

Pokémon Card Binder Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use A Pokémon Card Binder?

Using a Pokémon card binder is not only common sense when it comes to protecting your cards, it also helps you stay organized. Pokémon card binders are the easiest way to store a lot of cards, while still making it easy to scan through and find particular cards depending on how you’ve organized the binder.

What Binder Do You Use For Pokémon Cards?

You can use any kind of 3-ring binder to keep your Pokémon cards in plastic 9-pocket sleeves, but we recommend investing in a dedicated Pokémon card binder. Traditional 3-ring binders are not meant to store valuable contents and are not as durable or long-lasting as dedicated binders for card storage.

Are Binders Bad For Pokémon Cards?

If you have extremely rare cards, it is highly recommended to double-sleeve them, and utilize a top-loader to help keep their original condition and to help prevent bending.

Card bending is one of the biggest complaints when it comes to using card binders to store Pokémon cards. To help prevent your cards from bending in a binder, it is important to remember to account for sleeves on your cards and keep a visual check of how the cards are laying with the binder open and closed as you fill it up.

Most binders when filled to capacity will keep cards straight – without sleeves. Now consider that some, or even all, cards will be sleeved within a collection – and some having double sleeves. This raises the thickness of each card by several millimeters, leading to more pressure on each card than intended by the binder.

So if a binder is meant for 400 cards, and you are placing sleeved or double-sleeved cards within the binder, we recommend only placing 200~ cards in the binder to help prevent any bending.

What Is The Best TCG Binder?

We have found that the Vault X 9-Pocket Strap Binder is the best binder for keeping your trading cards safe. They offer a 4-pocket version of the same binder, as well as a zipper version if you do not like the strap.

Are Ultra Pro Binders Good?

Ultra Pro binders are some of the best Pokémon card binders available on the market, and they have been around for a long time. That being said, many new and alternative options are now available for specific needs you may have as a collector.

Are Card Guard Binders Good?

Card Guard binders are good binders for trading cards, although many people do not like the stickers included, and some have had manufacturing issues with the sleeves arriving in bad shape. The Vault X binder is a similar design and material and has had fewer issues with product consistency.

How Many Cards Can Fit In A Binder?

The amount of cards a binder holds depends on the brand and design, but most generally fit between 100 – 300 trading cards. There are some binders that can hold upwards of 1,000 cards or more, although we do not recommend these for valuable cards, as there is a chance of bending.


We hope that this guide to Pokémon card binders has helped answer some questions and provided some good choices to consider when it comes to storing your cards. What Pokémon card binder do you like to use to keep your valuable cards safe? If you have a binder recommendation that did not make the list, leave a comment below!
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