Are Pokémon Booster Boxes Worth Buying?

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Should You Buy Pokemon Booster Boxes

Pokémon Booster Box Guide

If you are wondering if Pokemon Booster boxes are a good investment and are worth buying, all your answers will be answered in this article! Whether you are a Pokémon Collector Aficionado or just beginning your collection or simply looking to make a profit.

What is a Pokémon Booster Box?

A Pokémon Booster box is a box filled with Pokémon booster packs, a booster box always contains 36 booster packs! In each pack, you will get 10 cards, 5 common ones, 3 uncommon, 1 rare, and 1 energy card.

How much is a Pokémon Booster Box?

Depending on the market and the Booster box you want, you can find them at retail price from $99 to $140 for the latest booster boxes that have been recently released! If you are looking to buy previously released booster boxes, the price will depend on the popularity of the set and can sometimes be as high as $700 or more!

This is one of the reasons why it is sometimes interesting to buy booster boxes, the resale market is often really good but we will discuss that later in the article!

Are Pokémon Booster Boxes a good investment?

Buying Pokemon booster boxes can be an excellent investment both for collecting and reselling. It is an excellent investment from the point of view of a collector who can accumulate a wide variety of Pokemon cards. And from the point of view of a collector who can re-sell to a higher price later on.

As a result, you will gain insight into the new cards, and depending on your pull ratio, you may decide to buy more packs or specific singles. From a future resale perspective, if you are willing to wait for this money, then sealed Pokemon booster boxes are worth the investment. While you’re waiting, those boxes of cards should be stored safely until they are harder to find and their value increases.

Should I buy more than one Pokémon Booster Box?

In general, don’t go beyond four or five booster boxes per Pokemon (unless you’re collecting for multiple people). While most sets contain some valuable chase cards, once you’re into your fourth or fifth box, most of the cards you open will already be four or more copies of the same card. You will often be better off trading or buying the final cards you need.

With this reasoning in mind, two-three boxes will offer you a good representation of the rare cards and a playset of most of the uncommon and common cards in the set. Additionally, you can get some sealed packs to resell and individual cards pulled out for future resale.

What are the best Pokémon Booster Boxes to invest in?

When buying booster boxes for money, choose the most popular box on the market at that time. The most current booster box is a box you will pay retail price for and that offers the greatest chance of making a profit. Aside from this, the following Pokemon boxes offer the greatest return:

Brilliant Stars – The latest release from Pokémon, it is a great set because it has a lot of highly interesting and popular cards like Charizard or Raichu, and a bunch of secrets rares that are incredibly beautiful. You can easily get it right now for retail price.

Vivid Voltage – Great set is still sometimes available for retail price, the Pikachu Chonk is worth a lot and collectors will always be interested in this set!

Celebration – If you get your hand on this one store it well it will go up in prices in the next years
Shining Fates – Another popular set with Charizard that will always sell.

Evolution – If you have money to invest in an Evolution Booster box it is a good idea, the resell price is already high but it will increase within the years.

Base Set – If you have a really good budget then this one is the one that will make you rich!


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