Best Pokémon Booster Boxes to Buy in 2022

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Best Pokémon Booster Boxes to Buy


Tired of ripping a single booster pack and getting nothing? All Pokémon fans know that you get more chances of getting ultra rares with a sealed booster box and that even sealed, it will keep increasing in value. If you are wondering what Pokémon Booster box to buy, keep reading!

What Is a Pokémon Booster Box?

A Pokémon Booster Box is a sealed box of 36 boosters. Each booster contains 10 cards. Booster boxes are released by set! For example, if you were to buy one of the latest booster boxes it would be the set Fusion Strike. A booster box contains 220 cards in total, with 36 rare cards, 108 uncommon cards, and 216 common cards.

Are Pokémon Booster Boxes Worth It?

Pokémon Booster boxes can be worth it because they highly improve your chance to get extremely rare cards! You get a much better chance at the distribution of cards in a sealed booster box than buying single packs at the store.

Of course, it is possible to be extremely lucky and get rare cards while only buying single packs, but mathematically, your chances are much higher while buying a booster box!

The distribution of the cards is simply better and guaranteed. Versus a single booster pack, where you can’t really predict if you will be lucky or not and might end up getting a lot of double of non-valuable cards. Opening Booster packs from the same box guarantees a high variety of cards.

What to Look for in a Pokémon Booster Box if You Want to Make Money

If your goal is to make money while buying a booster box, there are a few things to look for:

The popularity of the set: a set like Evolving Skies is extremely sought after due to the amazing cards the set has (full arts and rainbow rares) or a set like Cosmic Eclipse with a full art Ash & Pikachu. Shining Fates is also highly valuable because two ultra rares Charizard cards are present in the set. If you are lucky, you can find older sets like Shining Fates or Cosmic Eclipse still for sale in certain stores.

The Booster box must be sealed: If you want to re-sell the set and increase the value by waiting a bit for the set to be harder to purchase, it is really important to keep it sealed and in extremely good condition.

The seller: it is very important to get a trusted seller to not end up with re-sealed booster boxes or even worse: fake cards!

If you are trying to buy booster boxes to open them and re-sell the most expensive cards, it is possible but you have to be extremely lucky and it would be a better investment overall to keep the booster box sealed.

Best Companies to Buy Pokémon Booster Boxes

If you want to buy booster boxes, it is important to buy them from a trusted source, if not you may end up with a booster box that has been re-sealed and all the boosters have been weighted for the scammer to retrieve all the rare cards. A few trusted sources to buy your booster boxes:

  • Unplugged Gaming: Great deals on Pokémon cards and booster boxes and free shipping after $149, trusted source by many collectors.
  • Local Game Stores: Local Games Stores may sell booster boxes as well, make sure to double-check the market value before buying them.
  • Target / Walmart: MRSP prices and sometimes older sets available out of the blue
  • TCG Player: Great for deals, always double-check the seller
  • Troll & Toad: Great deal and highly trusted source
  • Amazon: Fast shipping and free shipping as well!

Which Booster Box is Best?

Depending on what you are looking for and your budget, the best modern set for Pokémon Booster boxes are Evolving Skies, Shining Fates, Cosmic Eclipse, and Vivid Voltage due to extremely popular Pokémon like Charizard of the Eevolution and the beautiful full art cards.

The best booster box will always be the one where you have your favorite Pokémon in! So, make sure to check the card list for every set before purchasing it. Pokellector is a great website to check the card list of every set and keep track of your collection.

What Pokémon Booster Box has the Most Value?

Booster boxes, especially vintage Booster boxes can sell for an incredible amount of money, for example, the Base Set Booster Box (sealed and authenticated) can sell between $5000 and $20000 sometimes even more!

Other very valuable booster boxes set are TCG Team Rocket (from 2000) or the Skyridge set, where a single booster is worth more than $900.

Most modern sets are valuable and will generate profit if you wait a bit to re-sell them, Evolving Skies, Cosmic Eclipse, Shining Fates, and Darkness Ablaze are good Booster box sets to keep sealed.

Is Chilling Reign a Good Set?

Chilling Reign Is a great set! With popular Pokémon and a lot of extremely rare cards ( Full arts, Rainbow Rares, Gold Card, and Amazing rares). The set features Snorlax in all its glory, Celeby, Blaziken, Blissey, Moltres (the Galarian Moltres full art is highly sought after), and more! There are multiple chase cards in the set and the art itself is beautiful.

It is one of the most successful sets of the Sword & Shield expansion.

Can You Resell Booster Boxes?

It is very easy to re-sell booster boxes online and because Pokémon TCG cards are in constant demand, you can re-sell them online or to a particular buyer.

Are Sealed Booster Boxes Worth Anything?

Pokémon is highly sought after and lately, often out of stock in most stores, if you can get booster boxes and stash them away for a few years you are almost guaranteed a return on your investment, you need to be patient though!

Pokémon TCG cards are collectibles and a token of childhood, it is almost legendary, so Booster boxes will always have value on the market. And the more you wait the more you are likely to increase the value of your sealed booster boxes.

Where Can You Buy Vintage Booster Boxes?

eBay is a great option to buy vintage booster boxes, but always be careful and double-check your sellers’ ratings as well as the pictures included. Because Pokémon vintage booster boxes are worth a lot of money, it is easy to be scammed.

Double-check the market price and if something is too beautiful to be true, then it is probably fake. You can also buy them on

What Will Be the Next Pokémon Set with a Booster Box to Buy?

The next set that will be released and is already highly in demand is Brilliant stars. It will be released officially on February 25th, 2022.

because of a certain Charizard included in the set (yes there will be three ultra-rare cards to grab with Charizard, a Rainbow rare Charizard, and two full art Charizard, these cards will be probably the most valuable of Brilliant Stars, with Arceus V and Arceus Vstar.

The new Brilliant Stars expansion is almost guaranteed to be valuable in the future.


We hope this guide to the best booster boxes to buy has helped you on your journey to pulling your ultimate chase cards!

Let us know what your favorite booster box to buy is in the comments!

Happy hunting!

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