Best Pikachu Pokémon Cards

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Best Pikachu Pokemon Cards

Pikachu Pokémon Card Guide

One of the most well known, and most loved Pokémon, has to be Pikachu. The first thing many people think of when they hear the word “Pokémon” is Pikachu. Pikachu is also the only Pokémon constantly seen with Ash and his friends.

Pikachu stars in video games, anime, and every anime show has Pikachu in it. So with all this Pikachu talk, are the Pikachu Pokémon cards just as common?

Let’s take a look at some of the best and most valuable Pikachu cards ever made!

10 Most Valuable Pikachu Pokémon Cards

Explore the Pikachu Pokémon cards that have sold for the most money at auction.

2016 Japanese XY Promo Poncho Wearing Pikachu 207

2016 Japanese XY Promo Poncho- Wearing Pikachu #207

Promo Poncho-wearing Pikachu Mega Charizard #207 is a full art promo card from the Pokémon Japanese XY Promos Pokémon set. It was released in January of 2016. This is a Non-English single card.

This card is very sought after and with a PSA grade of 10 can go for up to $2,300.


2016 Japanese XY Promo Poncho Wearing Pikachu 207 PSA Data

2001 PM Japanese Promo Lugia Holo Game Boy

1999 Warner Brothers (WB) Movie Promo Inverted Stamp Misprint Error

These cards were only randomly given out at participating movie theaters that were showing the First Pokémon Movie in 1999. There was one Pikachu, Mewtwo, Dragonite and Electabuzz. These 4 types of cards had the word “PROMO” on the top of a black star under the characters picture. The regular versions of these 4 cards can run you between $25-$150 on eBay.

However, the Pikachu card pictured above is special. On certain cards, the movie promo stamp was inverted and not placed where it was supposed to be. On the regular cards, it was placed in the top right of the Pokémon’s picture, but on this particular misprint, it is on the bottom left of the card. With an odd of only 1 of 30 having this error, it makes these misprints worth around $3,000.

2014 Pokemon Japanese XY Warm Pikachu Promo Uniqlo Kids 97

2014 Pokémon Japanese XY Warm Pikachu Promo Uniqlo Kids #97

In Japan, there were four versions of this card released as part of the Uniqlo Kids campaign, which ran throughout December of 2014. All four versions of this card feature the Uniqlo logo in the bottom left corner of the card. These cards were given out to anyone who purchased a children’s Pokémon Heat Tech shirt from Uniqlo stores.

These cards are still pretty rare. A PSA grade of 10 can go for around $3,500.

2014 Pokemon Japanese XY Warm Pikachu Promo Uniqlo Kids 97 PSA Data

2016 Japanese Pokemon XY Promo Battle Festa 20th Anniversary 279

2016 Japanese Pokémon XY Promo Battle Festa 20th Anniversary #279

This card was given to participants of the 20th Anniversary Festa. There were two events held in Japan. The first was at Toki Messe Convention Center, Niigata on October 10, 2016. And the second event was at the Nagoya Trade & Industry Center, Nagoya on October 23, 2016. This card features the 20th Anniversary Festa event logo.

This card has been submitted to PSA 150 times, with 143 of those cards having a PSA grade of 10. Due to the low print run, these cards still are very valuable. With a PSA grade of 10, you can expect to get around $7,000.

2016 Japanese Pokemon XY Promo Battle Festa 20th Anniversary 279 PSA Data

2001 Pokemon Black Star Promo Birthday Pikachu Halo 24

2001 Pokémon Black Star Promo Birthday Pikachu Halo #24

In 2001 this card commonly referred to as the “Happy Birthday, Pikachu,” card was released. It was first released as one of the Wizards Black Star Promo and was available through a Pokémon League “Create your own Pokémon Card” campaign. People were invited to fill in a blank TCG card template with a picture, which could then be mailed to Wizards of the Coast. There are two separate versions released of the Pikachu Birthday card. This card is actually named _______’s Pikachu in both the Japanese and English versions.

This card was immediately banned by Wizards because any player could claim it was their birthday and receive the extra 50 damage on the card’s attack. This is one of two cards to fall under this distinction. With a PSA grade of 10 this card will go for around $9,000.

2012 Pokemon B and W Full Art Lugia EX Plasma Storm Holo PSA Data

2006 Pokemon Gold Star Ex Holon Phantoms 104

2006 Pokémon Gold Star Ex Holon Phantoms #104

The Holon Phantoms Set contained three different versions of Pikachu, the one above is the most valuable of the three, and is the only one that is holographic. In 2006 Pokémon Gold Star Ex Holon Phantoms was at first, only released in Japan, then later that year released in the US. This particular Pikachu features a dark orange tint.

There are only less than 550 of these cards, with less than 100 of them with a PSA grade of 10. This is truly a fascinating card . With a PSA grade of 10 it is estimated up to $10,000.

2006 Pokemon Gold Star Ex Holon Phantoms 104 PSA Data

2015 Japanese XY Promo Art Academy Y Fujishima

2015 Japanese XY Promo Art Academy-Y. Fujishima

This is one of the very extremely rare 2015 Art Academy cards and is one of the 3 winning Art Academy contest artworks for the “Dress-Up Pikachu” category. Each winning artist received only 100 of their cards which was from their unique artwork.

This card is a highly collectable card and very rare to find. A Mint Condition grade of 10 will run you around $10,000.

2015 Japanese XY Promo Art Academy Y Fujishima PSA Data

1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Red Cheeks Pikachu

1999 Pokémon Base Set 1st Edition Red Cheeks Pikachu

This card looks very similar to the 1st Edition Pikachu card from 1999, but this Pikachu displays red cheeks. This card is much harder to find compared to its yellow cheek variation. The red cheek Pikachu is only found in the 1st Edition Base Set and Shadowless Base Set.

The red cheek Pikachu sells for more than three times the amount of its yellow cheeked twin. For a Mint Condition grade of 10, this bad boy can fetch around $15,000.

1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Red Cheeks Pikachu PSA Data

1998 Pokemon Japanese Promo Holographic Illustrator Pikachu

1998 Pokémon Japanese Promo Holographic Illustrator Pikachu

The single handedly most popular and rare Pikachu card is the Pikachu Illustrator card. You might have already seen or heard of this card- it was a part of the 1998 Promo by the Japanese company called CoroCoro Comic. What makes this car particularly rare is that there are only 39 copies of this card. Originally, this card was only given as a part of a contest that awarded the winners of a drawing contest with this card.

Only a handful of these are still in good condition and selling. One key difference between this card and regular Pokémon cards, is this card says Illustrator on the top, instead of the usual Trainer. This card is currently going for $250,000.

1998 Pokemon Japanese Promo Holographic Illustrator Pikachu PSA Data

2000 Pokémon Neo Genesis Lugia- Holo 1st Edition

1997 P.M. Japanese Promo Trophy Pikachu

The pinnacle of Pokémon; this card is single handedly the first and rarest Trophy Card. This card was only awarded to the winners of the First Official Pokémon Tournament in Japan, in 1997. According to documentation from the tournament, only 4 copies were awarded. The 1997 version is also significantly rarer than the 1998 & 1999 Pikachu Trophies.

The text body is different for each release of this card. And only the first row in the photo above is true 1997 Pikachu Trophies! Not only does this card have a cool celebratory confetti background with a cartoon Pikachu holding a trophy. It is also worth an outstanding $2,000,000! That will make this card the most expensive card in the series.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pikachu Pokémon Cards

How much is the Pokémon card Pikachu worth?

Depending on what Edition and what the rarity is, the value for Pikachu can vary from $25 to 2 Million dollars.

How much is 1st edition Pikachu worth?

There are many 1st Edition Pikachu cards, but generally they are all worth over $100. A lot of them are worth more, depending on the card.

How much is Pikachu worth 2020?

A Pikachu card in 2020 with a PSA grade of 10 is worth around $75.

Which Pikachu cards are rare?

The Pikachu cards from the 1996-99 released are generally the most rare, as with special promotion cards. The most rare are the Trainer cards, due to only four copies being released.

How much is a Pikachu card worth from McDonald’s?

The 2021 McDonalds Promo cards with a PSA of 9 are worth anywhere from $50-$120.

How rare is Pikachu?

The earlier cards tend to be the most rare, due to low numbers. Even newer cards tend to hold value for this Pokémon.

How many Pokémon Pikachu cards are there?

There are 191 different variation of Pikachu since it debuted in the Bae Set of the Trading Card Game.

What is a 1999 Pikachu worth?

Generally they tend to average from $130-$500 for the more common cards.

How much is a 2016 Pikachu card worth?

More common cards tend to average below $40, where are rare cards can get into the thousands.

How much is a 2021 Pikachu worth?

Due to the very recent release date and availability, the 2021 Pikachu cards tend to average below $130.

How much is a fat rainbow Pikachu card worth?

This card is currently averaging around $300.

Is Shiny Pikachu rare?

The rarest Shiny Pokémon at the moment are Shiny Detective Pikachu, Shiny Pikachu Libre and Shiny Pikachu with a hat. Generally people associate Shiny Pokémon cards with being rare.

Why is Pikachu so popular?

Pikachu is an appealing character, with an inviting personality. He is also featured in a variety of media: from Movies, Tv shows, video games and the Trading Cards.

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