How To Identify Fake Pokemon Cards

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Genuine Pokémon Card Guide

If you’re into collecting Pokémon cards, you want to be certain that you’re getting genuine cards. A collector aims for the best collection of authentic cards.

But how can you determine if a Pokémon card is fake or not, and how do you make sure you’re making the right investment? In this article we will give you a few tips to make sure you are getting the real deal!

Read Before You Buy!

Be sure to check all the text on the card for spelling and grammar errors. If the text on the card contains errors, it is more likely to be a fake. You should check the spelling of cards you suspect are counterfeit. In fake cards, you may not see the accent on “Pokémon” (Pokémon).

Check The Font

There is a good chance you’ll find a different font on a fake card than you’ll see on a genuine one. Be sure to pay attention to not only the font type, but the font size as well. It is not unusual for fake cards to have font sizes that are slightly larger or smaller than the original.

Compare a fake card with a real one, preferably from the same set, and that should be able to help. When you compare two font types, you are likely to immediately see the differences.

Compare the Card Back

Get a genuine card you got from a trusted source (bought from the official Pokemon Center Website or Target or Walmart) and compare the back, both cards back should be almost identical!

The back of actual Pokémon cards has a unique border that contrasts with the other blues in the design. So if you see washed out color or uneven border be careful!

Holographic Effect and Texture on Ultra Rare Cards

Make sure to research the holographic or ultra-rare cards you want to buy before pulling the trigger. On ultra rare cards, you will see an obvious difference of texture between a fake ultra rare and a real one. The fake one always appears more smooth than the real one that is more textured. 

Often, counterfeiters create holographic cards with the incorrect sort of foiling or foiling that has never been officially produced for that card. The opposite is also true. Non-foil copies of cards that have only ever been officially produced in foil forms can occasionally be found.

Difference Between Misprints and Fake Cards

A misprinted card – also known as an error card – does occur, however they are generally documented. Collectible card collectors are looking for specific misprints on the card in these cases. Try checking online to see if other people have noticed the same misprint as yours. Having a misprint may mean having an even more valuable Pokémon card than you thought!

Use Your Eyes and Ask When in Doubt

If you have any doubts about a card, use your eyes and make sure to check all the steps mentioned above, look out for different energy symbols and don’t hesitate to reach out to a Pokémon Forum to get help from the community!


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