Are Pokémon Cards Different Sizes?

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Are Pokemon Cards Different Sizes

Pokémon Card Size Guide

Have you ever come across a Pokémon card that was so large, you questioned whether it was fake or not? Jumbo cards have been around and given out as exclusives and promos since the beginning of the trading card game. There are a few sizes of jumbo cards and some of them also contain very cool lenticular images. So why are these cards not that popular and what exactly are these cards?

Are big Pokémon cards real? What are they?

Yes. They are called Jumbo cards and are more commonly called big, giant, or oversized cards. Jumbo cards are a type of Pokémon card that was released by the Pokémon Trading Card Game. However, unlike the standard Pokémon cards, these cards are only a promotion and are not legal for Organized Tournament play. 

These cards can vary from only slightly bigger than a standard card, to eight inches. These cards in Japan were given out at exclusive events like the grand reopening of the Pokémon Center or JR Train Stamp Rallies.

Since these cards are not allowed to be played a lot of times people will just use them for display purposes. They have been around since the beginning of Pokémon, with the first oversized card being a 6×8 inch version of the base set Pikachu.

Are Jumbo Pokémon cards worth anything?

Not as much as the standard size Pokémon cards. These cards generally average around $10, depending on what Pokémon is on the card, they can be slightly more than that. People mainly get these cards as promotion exclusives, or some boxes have them as a bonus. Though due to their limited quantities, they do grow in value overtime. They may not catch up to the standard size version of that card, but they do have a high nostalgia value. 

How do you store jumbo cards?

The Pokémon Company sells its own oversized card binder, which you can find at most Pokémon retailers and online. They only make this size for the 5.75×8 inch cards. For the 6×9 inch cards, you can use a 6×9 Ultra Pro top loading clear sleeves. These sleeves will be able to fit all three sizes of jumbo Pokémon cards. 

Where can you buy jumbo cards?

Currently, Jumbo cards cannot be purchased individually. The Pokémon Trading Card game sells them in conjunction with ongoing promotions and sometimes they will give them out for exclusive events. You would have to buy one of the special bundle sets that Pokémon sells. Garchomp-EX Box and the Dialga Premium Box are two examples that jumbo cards come in.

Although, it is not guaranteed that you will get a Jumbo card, you may get a coin or a pin instead of a jumbo card. You can also go online and buy the jumbo cards on sites like eBay or Amazon. Buying the card online might be cheaper in some cases because it may be cheaper than buying a Pokémon box.   

Why are Pokémon jumbo cards different sizes?

The First jumbo card was the 6×8 version of the base set Pikachu. After Pokémon Company took control over the Pokémon TCG, they increased the size to 8×9 inches to create a bigger draw for it. 4 of these 8×9 cards have been printed using lenticular images. With the Sword and Shield expansion, the promotional jumbo cards were brought down to a smaller 5.75x8inch size. This size decrease was so that the cards could fit in the new oversized card binders that the Pokémon Company started to print, holding up to forty oversized cards. 

Why did PSA start grading jumbo cards?

In 2018 the PSA started to grade jumbo cards due to the demand they were seeing for these cards. Public pressure and consumer behavior made the PSA decide to accept jumbo cards for grading. The procedure is also the same for jumbo cards as it is for standard Pokémon cards. All you must do is indicate that it is in fact a jumbo card on your submission form. 

2012 BW Lugia EX Holo Plasma Storm PSA Data


Frequently Asked Questions About Pokémon Card Sizes

What is a Standard Pokémon size?

2.5×3.5 inches.

What size are jumbo cards?

They come in three different sizes: 6x8inches, 8×9 inches and 5.75×8 inches. 

Can jumbo cards be played in gameplay?

No, these cards cannot be used for official Pokémon play. They are purely for aesthetic purposes and just collectors’ items. 

What can you do with jumbo cards? 

You cannot play them in Pokémon tournaments, so they are only promotional. With that being said, you can just mainly collect them for decoration or collection purposes. 

How can you tell if a Pokémon card is jumbo?

You would be able to visibly see a huge difference in size. Jumbo cards are much bigger than your palm of your hand, where a standard card is not wider than your palm. 

Are jumbo cards faked?

While there can be faked jumbo cards out there, it is unlikely you will find them online. That is because there is not that much of a high demand for them, so people are not going to spend time faking that big of a card that is not worth much. 

Can jumbo cards be graded?

Yes, since 2018 PSA has been accepting jumbo Pokémon cards. However, the CGC currently does not accept jumbo cards for grading.

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