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Rainbow Rare Pokémon Cards Explained

Rainbow Rare Pokemon Cards


What are Rainbow Pokémon Cards?

Do you know about rainbow Pokémon cards? Are you wondering what that shiny new rainbow card you just pulled might be worth? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Rainbow rare Pokémon cards.

These cards are not actually “normal” cards – these are rare Pokémon cards that don’t have normal coloring like other ordinary Pokémon cards. They will have different rainbow coloring over the top of them featuring unique patterns and art styles, making them a collector’s dream.

In the Sun and Moon series, these cards are difficult to find and are considered rare. These cards only pull at certain times, and some can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. These aren’t always the prettiest cards, but anyone who draws them should know that they may be worth holding onto.
These cards are very difficult to draw, with a maximum of one or two appearing in a box of Sun & Moon Age boosters, although some boxes do not contain any.

Why People are Obsessed with Rainbow Pokémon Trading Cards

Pokémon is a popular game that has made our childhood memorable. Maybe we are not the only ones who have fallen in love with the game, as Pokémon has continued to impress many generations, even into the 21st century. As a parent, you may have a child who talks about Pokémon cards, and you may think you have no idea what it is; children will always be two steps ahead of you.

When were rainbow rare Pokémon cards introduced?

Rainbow rare cards were first introduced in the Sun & Moon series which has continued to run through to the current Sword & Shield series of prints. Rainbow rare trainers were introduced with the Sword & Shield set of cards.

What Pokémon Cards Can Be Rainbow?

All rare cards in a pack can be rainbow rare cards. This includes fully illustrated Pokémon cards, which are often considered the best rainbow rarity to draw. However, Trainer Cards can also appear in Rare Rainbow Format.

The value of these will depend on the type you pulled and their condition, centering, and condition of the card edges. Rainbow Shauna’s rare card, especially the full version, was incredibly rare and useful a few games ago, so it would have cost a higher price than other trainer cards.

You can often go through a full booster box (36 card packs) without seeing a single rare rainbow card.

Do Rainbow rare cards have texture

All Rainbow Rare cards, Full Art Trainers, and Shining Pokémon cards have a textured print on the card. The real cards have a unique shine and fake ones don’t have a texture or pattern on the surface like real cards.

They took the line art used in the Pokémon-GX cards and removed the colors, replacing them with a dazzling rainbow pattern. After full art trainers, these Pokémon cards are categorized as Secret rare cards.

What are the chances of getting a rainbow rare Pokémon card?

It will depend on the set in which the rare rainbow appears. Some sets have been deliberately tampered with to make it easier to remove Rare Rainbow cards.

This is because these are “limited sets” that are often only found in large boxes of Pokémon cards (i.e. promo boxes) and therefore people will not buy them as often as a booster boxes.

The draw rate will also depend on the number of cards that appear as rare rainbows in a set. Obviously, the fewer cards that appear as rare rainbows, the less chance there is of drawing one.

Among the major expansion sets launched in recent years, the pull rate for a rare rainbow is believed to be between 3.6% and 4.5%. This means that on average you should be able to get maybe one rare rainbow per booster box. However, as we said before, there may be boxes with packs that don’t contain a single Rainbow Rare card!

The rare cards (Rainbow Rare, Secret Rare, etc.) are a small subset of all possible hits in a set. I tend to see two per box of packs, so the chances of the rainbow rare card in the collection are around 1/18.

Where Can You Buy Rainbow Rare Pokémon Cards?

You can purchase these cards from many stores online and from shops but the best place for these cards is local stores, auctions, or storage auctions to pick up larger sets of cards.

  • These are the packets from where you can get rare cards:
  • Sword & Shield: 8 total.
  • Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash: 11 total.
  • Sword & Shield: Darkness Ablaze: 7 total.
  • Champion’s Path: 5 total.
  • Sword & Shield: Vivid Voltage: 12 total.
  • Shining Fates: 1 total.
  • Sword & Shield: Battle Styles: 12 total.

How Much Is a Rainbow Rare Card Worth?

Recently, Pokémon cards have so much hype, and big YouTubers and influencers have started collecting or selling them, driving up prices. To find out what your card is worth, use a trusted source such as TCGPlayer or Mavin.

Of course, some cards will still have value, even if they are removed from the game, as they look good and often include the Pokémon that people want. Think of all the sets Charizard has appeared in.

We literally can’t think of a single Pokémon set where Charizard was a card that people would play or want. This has always been a useless Pokémon in the game, however, Charizard cards are still worth a staggering amount of money because the cards are rare and people love Pokémon.

Pikachu VMAX Rainbow Rare: A card that everyone wants, known as “Chonkachu”. This is a live voltage chase card and it is the most valuable yet

How Can You Tell If Rainbow Rare’s Are Fake?

The card has no texture on the front and the back and is also very shiny with a flat surface. The texture on the card surface is the easiest way to tell. Other signs to look for are font sizes, text spacing, and capitalization of letters or words. It is very difficult to determine this from the eBay listing so buyer beware.

Another way to check the rarity and authenticity of cards is using the reverse (blue side) of the card as one of the best ways to identify fake Pokémon cards, as around 80% of counterfeits can be detected using this method. On the reverse side of a Pokémon card, an authentic card will always have a certain pattern that has light blue spots and darker blue spots.

Fake Pokémon cards tend to feel particularly papery due to the poor-quality materials used. Always ask yourself questions as you examine a card in-person or online. Does the card in question appear unusually fragile? Does the back of the card feel a bit slippery, almost like a new deck of cards? Is the cardstock rougher than you expect, maybe more like a sheet of cardstock than the actual card? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you probably have a fake card in your hands.

How rare is it to pull a rainbow rare?

2020 Live Tension Pull Rate Data – Percentage of the number of rarities:

  • Holo Rare VMAX: 4.17%
  • Ultra-Rare Complete Art: 2.88%
  • Complete Artistic Coach: 1.19%
  • Rare Rainbow: 1.42%


With an average pull rate of only 1.42%, I hope you have better luck than I do when trying to pull Rainbow Rare Pokémon cards! Have you pulled any awesome Rainbow Rare Pokémon cards recently? Share in the comments below!

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