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How to Get Secret Rare Pokémon Cards

How to Get Secret Rare Pokémon Cards



 Secret Rare Pokémon cards are some of the most valuable and highly coveted modern (and vintage) Pokémon cards. If you’ve ever opened a Pokémon booster and gotten lucky with a secret rare, you may know the thrill and excitation (sometimes even palpitation) that comes with getting one of these rare gems. They aren’t all valuable but are always an exciting addition to your private collection and some of them can indeed be extremely valuable.

In most modern sets, secret rare cards often offer incredible art pieces of your favorite Pokémon, secret rare and Alternate Art Pokémon cards are highly coveted. In this article, you will discover the best way to get secret rare Pokémon cards!

What is a Secret Rare Pokémon Card?

First of all, let’s talk about what a secret rare Pokémon card is, and how to identify them. A secret rare Pokémon card is a card that has a higher number on the bottom corner than the current set number. Secret rares always go beyond the set number; if you see, for example, 117/97 you have a secret rare on your hands. A secret rare is basically a card that is not in the current setlist. They are the most intricate to obtain and chase!

What is the Rarest Secret Rare Pokémon Card?

There are a few extremely rare secret rare Pokémon cards, these cards are so elusive that they are highly valuable. Shining Charizard from the set Neo Destiny is one of them! As well as Shining Tyranitar from the same set. In a modern set, they would probably be Charizard Gx Secret Rainbow Rare and Pikachu Vmax secret rare from Vivid Voltage!

How Much is a Secret Rare Pokémon Card Worth?

Depending on the condition of the card and the card itself, the price can easily vary. For a Shining Charizard in Mint condition, it can be between $1000 and $3000 even more if the card is graded! For most modern sets, secret rare prices are usually between $50 to $2000.

How Rare is a Secret Rare?

Secret rare Pokémon cards are, indeed, extremely elusive and hard to come by, the usual pull rate of a secret rare is one for every two booster boxes! Each booster box contains 36 boosters. So, if we do the math, it would be approximately 1 every 72 packs! Which makes them extremely rare.

How do You Get Secret Rare Pokémon Cards?

Well, that is a good question! You will have to be quite lucky to pull one of these gems, but there are a few tactics you can try out. Buying a few booster boxes, for example, will highly increase your chance, but getting a sealed single booster pack from the store can be highly rewarding as well. Sometimes you buy three random boosters from a store and get one of the highly desirable secret rare!

If you’re not into the gambling side of it, you can also purchase them online or at your local card shop. Sometimes if you’ve opened a few booster boxes and still can’t get the secret rare you dream of, it might be cleverer to just buy it directly from someone. But it is also possible to get one of these extremely valuable cards by spending $15 on a few booster packs, it all depends on your luck, really!

How to Find Rare Pokémon Cards?

You can find rare Pokémon cards by opening single booster packs and booster boxes, you can also try garage sales and thrift stores or buy them directly from people or your local card shop or through different online sellers. Each booster pack guarantees one rare card. One of the best ways to get rare Pokémon cards is usually by going through different stores and buying single sealed booster packs or booster boxes, but the easiest way is to buy them directly from a third-party seller or a card shop.

Where to Buy Rare Pokémon Cards?

One of the best ways to buy rare Pokémon cards is the TCGplayers website, you can actually see the general market price of each card and then select the condition and the prices you want it for. Beware though, not all listings have pictures. If you don’t trust it, you can also buy them on eBay and similar websites. Your local card shop may have a few for sale, but always check the market price before buying a card.

How Much is Secret Rare Pikachu Worth?

Pikachu Vmax Secret Rainbow Rare, also called “The Chonk”, usually sells for $200-$300 in a mint condition, if graded it can be much more. Or much less if the card is not in a good condition.

What is an Amazing Rare Pokémon?

Amazing Rare Pokémon are a certain group of Pokémon and were first introduced in English sets with the Vivid Voltage expansion. An Amazing Rare Pokémon card is a holo foil card with what looks like a splash of glittery paint featuring a legendary or mythical Pokémon. They also are all basic and have to use multiple types of energy for their attacks.

Now you may be wondering are Amazing Rares legal?
Amazing Rare Pokémon cards are indeed legal in the standard and expended version of TCG player. You will need to use three different types of energy to play their attacks, but their attacks are usually extremely effective! For example, Amazing Rare Yveltal, once set up with its energy cards, has a high chance of knocking out your opponent.

What Packs are Amazing Rares In?

You can find Amazing Rare cards in two sets so far; Vivid Voltage and Shining Fates, but there might be more coming in the future TCG expansions. Even though we haven’t seen them in the most recent sets, we can never really say what will be in the future TCG expansions, and it is pretty much guaranteed that Amazing Rares will resurface. But there is no telling of when.

If you are wondering, how many Amazing Rare cards are there, and if there are too many of them to collect already? Do not be alarmed, so far there are only 9 Amazing Rare Pokémon cards: 6 of them are in the Vivid Voltage expansion with Celebi, Raikou, Zacian, Zamazenta, Jirachi, and the incredible Rayquaza, and 3 are in Shining Fates: Kyogre, Reshiram, and Yveltal!

Are Rare Pokémon Cards Still Being Made?

With the new coming expansion, Brilliant Stars, a full art Charizard Secret Rare, and Rainbow Rare have been announced and will be full of extremely valuable and rare cards. You can still find Vivid Voltage, Evolving Skies, Battle Styles as well as Darkness Ablaze on the shelves and online, and all of these expansions have many rare and valuable cards.


Fortunately for all collectors, there are extremely rare Pokémon cards being made right now. What are some of your favorite secret rare cards you have pulled? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy hunting!

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