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What Are Pokémon Jumbo Cards?

What Are Jumbo Pokémon Cards
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Did you know there are different-sized Pokémon cards? There are your standard trading card size, undersized Pokémon cards, Novelty cards, and jumbo cards.

Standard trading cards are your typical Pokémon cards that you can collect and battle within a tournament. Undersized Pokémon cards are much smaller than the standard size and are just for collecting, not battling.

Novelty cards, like the metal cards from the Burger King promotion, are also just for collecting and not to be used in tournaments.

So, with all of these different card types, what are the differences, and what exactly are Jumbo cards?

We’ll let’s dig in!

Oversized & Jumbo Pokémon Cards Explained

Jumbo cards, occasionally called Oversized cards, are a type of Pokémon card released for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. These cards are strictly promotional and not approved for Organized Tournament play.

Jumbo cards are much larger than your standard Pokémon cards, and can get up to a height of eight inches. In Japan these cards were given out at exclusive events, like JR Train Stamp Rallies or Pokémon Center grand. The cards characteristics were impossible for tournament cards.

In English there were four Jumbo cards: _______’s Snivy, _____’s Tepig, _____’s Oshawott, and Zoroark. They had a lenticular images, giving them a 3D appearance.

What are oversized Pokémon cards called?

Oversized Pokémon cards are often called Jumbo cards, due to their large size.

Are oversized Pokémon cards worth anything?

Due to these cards only being printed for promotional purposes, not tournament cards, these cards can be pretty valuable in worth. Sometimes, they can be worth more than the normal tournament version of the Jumbo card. Mainly these cards are collected by avid collectors not for tournament cards. Depending on the card they can go anywhere from $5 to $300.

Are jumbo Pokémon cards fake?

Jumbo Pokémon cards really are real cards made by The Pokémon Company. However, these cards are not to be used for tournaments, but for promotional and collectorial pieces only.

What size are Pokémon jumbo cards?

The Pokémon jumbo cards measure 5-¾” x 8”. Your standard Pokémon card measures 2.5 x 3.5, which is a very big difference.

What is the rarest Pokémon card?

The rarest jumbo Pokémon card is Shadow Lugia (Nintendo World Promo), Kabutops (Box Topper), and Dark Raichu (Box Topper).

How much does a big Pokémon card cost?

Currently, the only way to obtain a jumbo card is by buying collectors boxes, booster packs, or boxes with promo cards. You can also buy from a Pokémon card reseller, or you can find them individually listed online. You can generally find them online for an average of $15 to $150.

What is the purpose of the oversized Pokémon cards?

They were mostly printed for promotional purposes, with the first printed being Pikachu in 2000.

Will Pokémon jumbo cards go up in value?

They can and they do. They often go up in value when the demand is high for them. But they are not always sought after, making the price for them still relatively low. Jumbo cards are really popular right now and multiple sealed Pokémon products are released every year with jumbo cards. There are currently jumbo cards that are only released in Europe, which will fetch you more money for them.

Can you battle with big Pokémon cards?

No, you cannot battle with jumbo Pokémon cards, they are only for collecting or looking at.

What are the current rarest jumbo Pokémon cards?

Some of the most expensive jumbo cards are the ones from Aquapolis (crystal or secret rares from that set like Charizard or Ho-Oh). Shadow Lugia (Nintendo World Promo) is currently listed at $300. Kabutops (Box Topper) is listed at $180. And Dark Raichu is listed at $150.


We hope our guide has helped you understand Jumbo Pokémon cards more, and helps you decide whether you want to keep or get rid of your Jumbo and oversized cards. Do you have a favorite Jumbo card? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy hunting!

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