Are Japanese Pokémon Cards Worth More?

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Are Japanese Pokémon Cards Valuable & Worth Buying?


With Pokémon celebrating its official 25th anniversary and releasing the Ultra-Premium Trainer box with a re-print of the most iconic Pokémon cards to this date, Pokémon fans of all ages and origins are thrilled by the latest sets and releases.

As a Pokémon fan, you may wonder if Japanese cards are worth collecting and buying in 2022.

In this article, we will explore the value and worth of Japanese Pokémon cards.

Japanese Pokémon Cards Value

Japanese Pokémon cards are Pokémon cards released exclusively in Japan and printed in Japanese, the art and set can sometimes differ from the English version, and some sets are exclusively released in Japan. Depending on the card, you can potentially make a lot of money if you have sought after Japanese cards with high value.

Are Japanese Pokémon cards worth more?

Pokémon trading cards from Japan are notorious for their extremely high quality, the card itself is printed with better ink and better materials and the holos are different as well with a higher overall quality.

Some Japanese Pokémon cards are worth more than the English version of the cards in rare cases. Because all Pokémon cards are first designed and printed in Japan, sometimes Japanese cards are exclusive and aren’t printed in other countries. Making them valuable to collectors in the whole world.

Why are Japanese Pokémon cards Worth Less Money?

Japanese Pokémon cards are worth a bit less money in the U.S because U.S collectors tend to collect English cards first. The Booster Box prices and Booster packs are also less expensive than their English counterpart.

That being said, the market fluctuates and Japanese rare Pokémon cards, especially EX cards still fetch a good price in the U.S.

What Japanese Pokémon Cards Are Worth the Most Money?

While the Pokémon Card game is a favorite to most people over the world. Japanese took it a step further: All Pokémon cards are first created in Japan. Pokémon has become almost historic to Japanese culture, and some Japanese cards are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Japanese cards worth the most money are :

  • Prototype Blastoise ($360,000)
  • Pokémon Illustrator ($250,000)
  • Parent and Child Event Kangaskhan ($100,000)
  • Holographic Shadowless Charizard ($500,000 and more!)
  • Tamamushi University Magikarp ($60,000)
  • Holographic Shadowless Mewtwo ($20,000)
  • The Masked Royal Prize Promo ($20,000)
  • Holographic Shadowless First Edition Chansey ($15,000)
  • Tropical Mega Battle ($60,000)

Are Japanese Pokémon cards cheaper than English?

Japanese Pokémon cards Booster boxes and Booster packs are indeed cheaper than English ones, you can buy a Japanese Booster Box for about $90. U.S Booster boxes are usually sold for around $150.
Japanese Pokémon cards are $0,10 cheaper per card than English ones.

Are Japanese Pokémon cards fake?

Like any very sought-after collectibles, Fake Japanese cards exist, but thankfully the counterfeits are usually easy to spot. Make sure to always buy from a trusted seller and you should not have any problems with fake cards!

How do you tell if a Japanese card is rare?

The Japanese cards have bolded letters to denote rarity.

In order, they’re C, U, R, RR, RRR, SR, HR, UR, and A (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Rare Rare, Rare Rare Rare, Super Rare, Hyper Rare, Ultra Rare, Amazing Rare)

Note that the Japanese rarity of the card does not always correspond to the rarity of the English version.

What is the Rarest Japanese Pokémon Card?

The rarest Japanese card that exists (and rarest overall) is the No. 1 Trainer Pikachu Trophy card, which was given during the very first Pokémon TCG which happened on June 14 – 15, 1997 at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba, Japan. Only four copies of this card exist and cost millions of dollars.

What Do Fake Japanese Pokémon Cards Look Like?

Fake Japanese Pokémon cards are usually easy to spot, with the fonts of the text being different than the original one, the quality being different than regular high-quality Japanese cards. Usually, they will peel quickly and the holographic pattern is off, the back is also lighter and the contrast is different.

Can You Purchase Japanese Pokémon Cards in the US?

Yes, you can, there are a number of trusted US-based websites that sell Japanese Pokémon cards, as well as Japanese website shipping to the U.S. You can also purchase them on eBay.

Where Can You Buy Japanese Pokémon Cards?

You won’t be able to find Japanese Pokémon cards at your Local Card Shop, Target, or Walmart unfortunately. But you can easily find them online- Amazon, eBay, and U.S & Japanese websites sell them to the U.S and ship in the whole world.

Where Can You Sell Japanese Pokémon Cards?

You can sell your Japanese Pokémon cards online, usually on eBay or through Facebook Market, some local card shops will also buy them.

How Much is a Japanese Booster Box?

A Japanese Booster Box is less expensive than an English Booster box and you can find them online from $70 to $95. English Booster boxes sell for $145 on the Pokémon Center website.


What are your favorite Japanese cards? Are they worth collecting? let us know in the comments!

Happy hunting!

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